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One fund,
a balanced approach

Archer Balanced Fund


The Archer Balanced Fund employs a total return strategy focusing on asset allocation as this has proven to be an integral part of a portfolio’s return.


The Fund aims to outperform the Dow Jones Moderate Index with less volatility by investing in stocks and bonds at various percentages depending upon market conditions.

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Investment Strategy

The Archer Balanced Fund seeks long-term growth of capital and income by employing a total return, asset allocation approach investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income securities. The Fund typically invests between 50% and 70% of assets in equity securities and has the ability to hold a significant allocation in cash should market conditions warrant. The Fund’s fixed income allocation primarily targets short- to intermediate-term, investment grade securities.


  • Flexible approach typically invests 50% to 70% equity exposure at any time with the ability to move to cash should market conditions warrant.

  • Focus on reduced volatility to provide superior risk-adjusted performance relative to the benchmark.

  • Disciplined investment in financially sound companies which are selling below our estimate of intrinsic value.

  • Ability to use alternative investments to protect a portion of The Fund during market declines.

  • Minimal turnover to promote tax efficiency.

  • Focus on shareholder value with a no load structure and a capped expense ratio.


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