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The Archer Funds Family

Successful investing requires discipline.  The discipline to believe in specific investment strategies and to execute them on a daily basis.  To help us maintain this discipline we follow these 10 Core Values in our daily approach to investing your (and our) money.

Cash Flow

  • ​​With real estate the most vital components to a property is location, location and location. When Archer looks at a company it is Cash Flow, Cash Flow and Cash Flow

Balance Sheets

  • A corporation can be analyzed by an auditor studying their balance sheet quarter after quarter as to the health and to the direction a company is headed. We do our own due diligence analyzing debt, income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow.


  • We are not traders or speculators.  Archer seeks long term appreciation captured over time as companies trade back to their intrinsic value.


  • We are bullish on companies that consistently increase their dividends.

Balanced Portfolios

  • We believe in preservation of capital and balanced risk with rate of return as a secondary goal.

Family First

  • We eat our own cooking and invest along side every shareholder. Our investors and our families come first.

Main Street

  • We are owned, headquartered and operated in the Midwest, specifically Indianapolis Indiana. We seek fundamentally sound companies in solid industries from main streets around the globe.

Hands on Research

  • We do our own research. By reviewing SEC filings, quarterly conference calls, corporate visits, annual meetings, interviewing salesmen, business owners and professionals, we formulate our own opinion of companies.

Quantitative Screening

  • Proprietary quantitative screening of nearly 10,000 publicly traded companies.

Shareholder Value

  • We want every investor to receive value with their investment. Archer is a no load fund with no 12B1 fees and a competitive management fee.

Fund Management

Troy C. Patton

Mr. Patton is the Managing Director and founder of Archer.  Prior to founding Archer, Mr. Patton was the founder and president of Frontier Financial Holdings, Inc. (Frontier), an integrated financial services company offering investment services and managed portfolios, lending services, business consulting services, and traditional CPA services through Frontier CPA Group, LLP.


Mr. Patton started his career with Ernst & Young auditing public and private entities.  Mr. Patton then started Frontier and grew into one of the premier CPA and Investment Management Services in the Midwest.  Frontier quickly grew to 10 offices prior to being purchased in 2004.  This experience helped shape his investment philosophy he utilizes today for Archer and its shareholders.


Mr. Patton graduated from Miami University of Ohio in 1992 with a degree in accountancy.  He holds his Certified Public Accountant and Accredited Business Valuation licenses with the AICPA.

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