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Archer Stock Fund


The Fund seeks to maximize capital appreciation by investing in the most attractive equity investment opportunities regardless of company size, sector, industry, or country domicile.

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Investment Strategy

The Archer Stock Fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in securities that the managers believe are undervalued. Investments are normally limited to the manager's fifty best ideas and are focused on finding the most attractive opportunities regardless of company size, industry, or country of domicile.


  • Actively managed to enhance shareholder value by avoiding group think and investing in companies in which we have a deep understanding.

  • Seek opportunities where the market has underestimated the growth and intrinsic value of the company.

  • Rigorous, hands-on, fundamental research to identify opportunities.

  • Quantitative model to execute buy and sell discipline and manage risk.


Fact Sheet

Summary Prospectus

Q3 2022 Schedule of Investments

Q1 2022 Schedule of Investments

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