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Archer Multi Cap Fund

The Archer Multi Cap Fund seeks capital appreciation through a blended active and passive investment approach and offers investors a diversified US equity portfolio in a single fund.  Under normal circumstances, the Fund will hold up to 75 equity positions split between small-, mid-, and large-cap, US companies.


The Fund aims to outperform the S&P 500 over time.

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Investment Strategy

The Archer Multi Cap Fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in up to 75 equity positions split evenly between the top 25 small, medium, and large publicly traded, US companies at the beginning of each calendar year based on market capitalization. Position sizes are adjusted throughout the year driven by our proprietary quantitative and technical models and rebalanced annually.


  • Diversified portfolio on small-, mid-, and large-cap US equities.

  • Rebalanced annually to include the top 25 companies, based on market capitalization, of each index.

  • Quantitative and technical model to execute buy discipline throughout the year.

  • ​Focus on shareholder value with a no-load structure and a capped expense ratio.


Fact Sheet

Summary Prospectus

Q3 2022 Schedule of Investments

Q1 2022 Schedule of Investments

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